Saturday, October 13, 2007


In honor of America's newest Nobel Prize Recipient:

Here it is.

for those of you who followed the Orac Controversy, and are still here, I've decided to post a video of the bit in question, so readers can decide for themselves whether or not it's funny.

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  • Very funny! And so true!

    By Blogger Lester Hunt, at 4:33 PM, October 18, 2007  

  • Wow! Not funny at all. Not remotely. Just really lame. Perhaps if I was wasted out of my head...

    On second thoughts - no, not even then.

    Try watching some Bill Hicks. He was funny. And (mostly) right.

    By Anonymous Skeptico, at 6:42 PM, November 01, 2007  

  • Not funny. And wrong about the science. The IPCC does not say that 23 inches is the upper bound for sea level rise this century. It's an upper bound if you don't include possible ice flow acceleration, and the IPCC would not give an upper bound for that.

    By Blogger Tim Lambert, at 9:09 PM, November 01, 2007  

  • This is awesome! Tim is very funny! He should do more on this stuff.

    By Anonymous Nikki, at 9:27 AM, November 02, 2007  

  • Didn't Drew Carey make that aerosol can joke back in the early '90s?

    Anyway. I did think the final joke was funny. The rest? Eh.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:59 AM, November 02, 2007  

  • First, you had me blowing Diet Coke all over my monitor--several times! These Algorians are worthy of nothing but contempt for a host of reasons, several of which you brought out in your superb monologue.

    I've written several notes about Algore and his flock on my blog, which I hereby invite you to browse, as I will yours.

    Algorianism is nothing more than a religion--only a little more subtle than islamofascism, and Algore's having won the Nobel Peace prize and an Oscar says more about those organizations than it does about anything the ever-expanding Algore has ever said or done.

    Keep it up, Tim. Your comedy makes more sense than the blatherings of any politician. And, it's good for many a guffaw!

    By Blogger Col. Hogan, at 6:07 PM, November 02, 2007  

  • Funny stuff Tim! Let's face it. Global warming is a product just like global terrorism. And if Madison Avenue has taught us anything it has taught us that if you are going to sell it, you gotta hype it. That means if the product is doom and gloom, it better damn well be the gloomiest doomsday ever.

    Sex sells better to me. Maybe if they presented global warming like it was a beer commercial with girls in bikinis...

    By Anonymous Screaming Lord Skull, at 6:45 PM, November 02, 2007  

  • Slagle speaks sense... global warming in all its vagueness eludes to a government program to fix an undefinable problem.
    Al Gore is dangerous and is so far inside, all of our banter is useless.
    He will carry out as much as he is told, to by GIANT brother.
    Hide and watch,..DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:25 AM, November 03, 2007  

  • Meh.

    You're a talented comic, Tim. But that just makes it a real shame that your routine is so mired in sheer willful ignorance.

    What's sad is that you seem proud of your ignorance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:32 AM, November 03, 2007  

  • I loved it. I'm not a "denialist" as they like to say -- maybe because I'm scared I'll be burned at the stake for heresy, but I do think "so what?" The climate is always changing, the environment is always changing, and the planet's inhabitants are always changing. I thought that was what Darwin was all about?!?!? And who exactly wrote the book on what and how things are 'supposed' to happen?

    By Anonymous KC, at 3:02 PM, November 04, 2007  

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