Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Send in the Hurricanes

Hurricane season? What Hurricane season? As we approach the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, something very interesting is missing from the Headlines: Hurricanes. So far this season (which is now almost two months old) there has not been a single hurricane in the Atlantic Basin. in fact, there have only been three tropical storms -- well below average.
Most disappointed by the lack of News is Presidential candidate Al Gore, who had spent a good portion of the Spring positioning himself as an expert on Global Warming and Hurricanes. The relatively thick former Vice President, who has been spending his days out of office trying to make everyone forget that he was part of the only modern administration to be impeached, has been jetting around the planet, telling everybody else that they're destroying it.
I imagine that his press agent, thought she would have phones ringing off the hook with interview requests by now. Most probably, she has become quite adept at sinking the paper wad into the wastebasket from across the room. As lonely, as generator salesmen on the morning of January 1, 2000. she is probably busy, drafting a plan B.
This season highlights a major flaw with media: A crisis always makes news, but the lack of crises, never gets mentioned. For instance gas prices have dropped close to thirty cents in the past week or so, but unless you pay cash for gas, you probably didn't even notice. There were no news reports on generous oil companies lowering their prices. A crime interrupted by a handgun owner rarely makes the news, but a handgun accident always will. It doesn't mean that gas prices only rise, and handguns only hurt people, but if you don't read between the lines, that's certainly what you would believe. Since good news, is not news, people who pay attention to it, get a very pessimistic bias.
If you remember from last year, the Left told us, Katrina was undeniable proof that Global Warming is a reality. If that was true, then what are we to make of this year's unremarkable season? Is it evidence that Global Warming is over?
It might be. According to "In a research paper being published next month in Geophysical Research Letters, scientists will show that between 2003 and 2005, globally averaged temperatures in the upper ocean cooled rather dramatically, effectively erasing 20% of the warming that occurred over the previous 48 years."
Kind of takes the wind out of the mills, of those who claim that the damage has already been done, and is irreversible. Turns out, the Environmental Prophets of Doom were just guessing, and for a couple years, they guessed right.
It's nice to know that the Democrats are very unreliable prophets. We can all take a sigh of relief knowing that their predictions of re-taking the House and Senate this Fall are probably just as specious.


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